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Friday, May 15, 2009

Reporting on: May 15, 2009
Riding from: Prescott, AZ to Cottonwood, AZ
Temperature: 85 degrees most of the day/Winds: Mild - and appreciated
Elevation Climb: 4500 feet - over the Mingus Mountains
Miles ridden today: A lowly 43
Today we had a leisurely start at 9:00 am. (one of the few "late" starts we'll have). The first 26 miles were ALL uphill. We had an abundance of switchbacks. I loved the uphill climb! (6-7 mph going up). Again - lots of ponderosa pines - and we saw a herd of antelope! BUT, remember I told you yesterday that I didn't like going downhill? Well once I made it to the top, I have to admit that I got into the SAG wagon for the three mile downhill ride. My roommate, Champ, did just the opposite! He did this exact ride last fall (as a test) and decided to take the van up - but rode the hill down! He couldn't believe how tough it was to slow down enough to make the curves! We had a SAG stop in Jerome - and then headed on to Cottonwood - where I arrived at 3:15. My lips are extremely sunburned. Our leader told us that every time we take a drink of water, we should be reapplying more zinc oxide on them! That's a tough thing to do when you're riding! Also, my clip-in shoes are bothering my feet! I think it's from walking in them too much. They are made for riding - not walking!
The last 3 days have been filled with lots of "false flats" and "false summits". That means it looks like it's flat, but we're still going up a 3% grade. You're panting - and think you've made it to the top, but you haven't! UGH!
I wanted to tell you a little about our typical schedule each day:
5:30 - Alarm goes off
6:00-6:45 - We have a BIG breakfast - with lots of carbs
7:00 - Our duffel bags need to be at the truck (2 bags, 15 lbs each)
7:15 - Sign out and start the day's ride!
About mile 25-35 (depending on the day) we have our first SAG stop. We fill our camelbacks & water bottles with a combo of water & gatoraid. There are power bars, power gels, orange slices, bananas, muffins, trail mix, peanuts and more! We eat/drink at the stop and take some with us!
There are unofficial SAG stops at stores, gas stations etc. if anyone needs to replenish drinks and eats...or hit the "john"! (That's another story)!
Lunch is on our own!
Between miles 60-80 we have a second SAG stop.
Depending on how fast a person rides, we arrive at the hotel between 3 and 5 pm.
5:45 - We have our Route Rap (15-20 minutes) and go over the ride for the next day. Most of us try to shower and shave before this daily event.
6:00-7:00 - Dinner - Most of the time this is done as a group!
Tonight we're having dinner at The Sizzler!
All for now - more tomorrow!


  1. Hi Hank
    Great job!
    You are such a fine writer and you are bringing this experience to life for people like me, who can only imagine what it must be like! Keep up the good work! Your training has really paid off!

  2. Hi Hank
    Just wanted you to know I have read all of your blogs so far and they are amazing and so impressive. Fascinating reading. Thanks so much for making the effort to create them after all that physical exertion every day!
    Best wishes!

  3. Hank- Regarding your sore dogs. You might try a
    Dr. Scholls Insert as long as it dosent tighten the shoe to much, or let me know and I can forward some dirt bike shoes to you which would take your clips and would also make walking more comfortable.

  4. Wow Hank, you're bringing back lots of memories! Terri and I lived in Prescott for a couple of years and spent plenty of time on Wiskey row! Then on to Jerome and Sedona . . . God's Country for sure. Enjoy the ride, we're thinking of you!

  5. Hi Hank. Ellen and Pete here. We are so proud of you--I can close my eyes and see your big smile. Your hard work will encourage us to WALK tonight after dinner.