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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reporting on: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Riding Route: Yesterday from Cottonwood to Flagstaff/ Today a our first rest day!
Temperature and Winds: Easy going on both!
Elevation Climb Yesterday: 4700 feet
Miles Ridden Yesterday: 46
A day missed, and a day of riding missed! Yesterday (Saturday) morning I had my bike checked because of some gearing problems I was having at the end of the day on Friday. It turned out to be a problem with my chain - and Rick, our SAG wagon mechanic, said not to worry that he'd put a new chain on the bike for me. It turned out that I have an unusual size chain - and he didn't have one! Not good news to a boy who wants to ride! It was going to be a tough climb from Cottonwood to Flagstaff - through Sedona and up Oak Creek Canyon. I needed my "granny gear" (the lowest gear on the bike) to do it successfully. He said there was no way I could make the climb without it! So, they loaded me (and my bike) in the van and once the team started they took me to Flagstaff where I spent the day finding a bike shop that had the right size chain. In checking my bike they also found out that I had a bent sprocket - which was repaired and by 4:00 in the afternoon I was ready to go again! Of course the team was already arriving in Flagstaff - so I missed the entire day of riding! A very unhappy boy indeed! Everyone said it was a tough ride - no berm at all... and lots of cars and motorhomes which created a very hard riding situation. Everyone made it safely though and we celebrated with cold beer at our happy hour before dinner! The picture of me kissing the pigs was taken in Sedona. Champ said I must really be missing Carol to defer to such drastic measures!
Today (Sunday) was our first "Rest Day"! Early this morning I did a ten mile test ride with the new chain. I did some hills - and no problems occurred! I'm optimistic that tomorrow will be a great day! My good friend, Mark, and his wife Melissa, invited me to ride back to Sedona and have lunch with them there. (Melissa is following Mark for two weeks on the journey. He leaves us in Albuquerque). It is a beautiful ride between the two towns - and those of you who have done it know what I mean! In the afternoon I had a little time at the pool - and then a short nap! (Yes, I'm keeping lots of Neosporin on my lips because they are so burned. I'm surprised the pigs had any interest in me)! Tonight we had dinner at The Olive Garden! Great pasta!
I'm glad to know the hardest part of the trip is behind least that's what we're told! Tomorrow we're headed to Holbrook, AZ - a 96 mile ride on Rt. 66! Our elevation climb will be 6600 feet - a big day - but cooler weather (supposed to be a high of 90 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms). I'll let you know how the day goes!
Thanks to everyone for their continued support! One week down - and six more to go!


  1. Hi Hank,

    Way to go! We are enjoying watching your progress. We love you! The Newtons

  2. Hi Hank, i love reading your daily updates. I feel like im right along there with you!! Keep up the great work!!!!
    Debbie C~

  3. Nice work Hankie. Keep it up. Be safe. Steve

  4. Awesome terrain and what a great time of year to see it all! AZ was my home for many years and the area you've covered is AMAZING! You're through a good bit of ups-and-downs already. Keep the faith! Muy Bueno Amigo!