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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reporting on: Saturday, June 13, 2009
Riding Route: From Indianapolis to Richmond, IN
Temp: 65 degrees and cloudy/Wind: 15mph constantly
Elevation Climb: 3000 feet
Miles Ridden: 84

We had our usual schedule this morning - and took off on our 84 mile trek by 7:20 a.m. It was cloudy, but no rain! The first 8 miles were really tough because we were on a main street trying to get out of Indianapolis. We faced the challenge of a tremendous amount of traffic - and stop lights the entire way...and were extremely glad to get past that area. About 10 miles into the ride we saw Jo Ellen Lee out on the street waving and giving us the encouragement we needed. Thanks so much Jo Ellen!

The first 37 miles were tough for me today. I just didn't have the "juice" I normally do. My legs were tired - and the wind was in our faces again. All of us are tired of the wind. One of our riders did a little research on the wind and found out that from May to July the wind comes from the Southwest 82% of the time. That would be great - because it would be at our backs. I can tell you that for the past 5 days the wind has come from the Northeast. We sure have to work alot harder to get where we want to go! Now what's with that?

We passed through Millville, IN today. It's a small town thats only "claim to fame" is that Wilbur Wright was born there (Orville was born in Dayton). There is a small museum - but not much more! We also rode through the heart of the Indiana Amish country. We heard the clip clop of horse’s hooves pulling the black buggies (picture above) along the countryside next to us on bicycles - as RVs' were passing both of us! This area has the 3rd largest settlement in the US. I grew up in Pennsylvania where the Amish are prevalent. They value rural living - and resist modern technology. Over the years I've come to respect them for their family values and care of the land.

At noon we stopped in Hagerstown for lunch - and I tried to trade my bike to a four year old who had a two wheeler with training wheels! I tried it out and liked it (picture above). He didn't want to have anything to do with it! Scoffed again! In the afternoon we passed more beautiful farms with endless acres of manicured lawns. These folks sure do have a love affair with their riding mowers! I wonder what else they could be doing with their time?

Tonight we're in Richmond - not far from the Ohio border. In the next four days we have 390 miles to cover. We're hoping for good weather! I didn't get my photos uploaded - so will add them tomorrow!

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