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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reporting on: Sunday, June 14, 2009
Riding Route: From Richmond, IN to Marysville, OH
Temperature: mid 70's/Winds: Yes, again!
Elevation Climb: 3500 feet
Miles Ridden Today: 104
Today was another challenging, but wonderful day of riding. The temperature was perfect! The challenging part was that we were trying to outrun a huge storm that pursued us the entire day! We had the feeling it was racing us to the finish line! Huge, black, ominous clouds filled with rain were in our sight at all times. Ah-h, but we were the winners in the end! Only a few drops of rain got us!
Today was the eighth "century" (100 miler) ride of the trip. We have two more...tomorrow and the next day (and a final one in New York). What are they trying to do to this old guy? We hit two unplanned detours today. It would have been fine, except that we had to ride in gravel for several miles. Have you ever tried to do that on these skinny tires we're using? Ah ha - another challenge!
The back roads continue to give us the opportunity to view America at its heart! We're seeing a part of our country the average "interstate traveler" doesn't have the chance to see. I'd sure recommend that if you have the good fortune to do a road trip - then take the road less traveled! You'll be amazed at what you'll see, the people you'll meet and the experiences you'll have. We passed into Ohio today - our ninth state crossing - and we're in the Eastern Time Zone!
Above is a picture of Sue on her recumbent bicycle. She joined us about a week ago and is going to Boston on this strange looking bike. And speaking of different bikes I must tell you that we passed many Amish on their way to church this morning. Guess what they were riding? Yep, tandem bikes and single bikes! It was a heck of a sight seeing them dressed in their Sunday best attire riding bikes! There were also the traditional buggies - but of course the bikes really caught our eye!
I'm calling it a night. They tell us tomorrow is the toughest day of the trip. For sure it's going to be a long one! My brother and his wife, Steve and Barbara, are meeting me tomorrow night for dinner. Yea! Something to look forward to!

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  1. You the man Hank! I enjoy reading about your adventure and we are all so impressed with your strength and energy. Keep up the great performance.