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Friday, September 30, 2011

September 29-30, 2011

Hammonton, NJ to Dewey Beach, DE
82 miles

This is going to be a quick note. Today, the last day of September, has been our first day off since starting the ride. Eight days of riding and 605 miles behind us!

The ride from Hammonton to Dewey Beach was pretty easy. It was flat, less traffic and had better roads and bike lanes. Governor Christi, I apologize! You only need to work on fixing the roads and bike lanes in the top half of your state.

We had pouring rain three times yesterday but only for 15-30 minutes at a time. Even tho we got soaked it was warm so we dried off while riding. After 70 miles to Cape May, NJ we boarded a ferry and had a beautiful 90 minute ride across the Delaware Bay to our 7th State - Delaware.

Our son Steve was waiting at the motel when I rode in. He drove from Harrisburg, PA to spend two nights and a day with us. Today (Friday) has been a beautiful, warm, sunny day...our first day with no rain since leaving Portland, Maine. The day off was used for doing laundry, getting my glasses fixed and making a quick stop at the Drug store of some travel size toiletries.

Carol had some work duties - so Steve and I visited relatives in Ocean Pines, MD...about 30 miles away.

We all went to the beach for an hour and did a bit of body surfing. It reminded me how much nicer the East Coast beaches are compared to the rough, cold Pacific side.

This evening my nephew/godson, Corben and his mom are driving over from St. Michaels, MD to have dinner with us. We haven't seen them for a couple of this will be special.

The last two days have been a "ride" down memory lane for me. I spent alot of time at the New Jersey "shore" while in high school and college. I worked at Ocean City, NJ while I was in college. Great memories!

Tomorrow we get to sleep in an extra hour because we only have to pedal 63 miles to Pokomoke, MD....most of it along the Atlantic Ocean. Barring any serious headwinds, it should be a beautiful ride. The weather forecast is calling for chilly, but sunny weather. It's time to head out for our mini family reunion - so we'll check in tomorrow evening.

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